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Our Story
At KueensLab, our story is rooted in a journey of personal struggle, resilience, and discovery. It all began with a personal experience that would shape our mission and commitment to providing gentle yet highly effective skincare products.

A Personal Struggle
From a young age, our founder, Dursa Teh, experienced the challenges of having sensitive skin. Her skin was prone to irritation, and using the wrong products often resulted in breakouts and discomfort. This experience led to a deep sense of empathy for those who faced similar struggles.

A Quest for Solutions
Determined to find solutions, Dursa Teh embarked on a journey of research and experimentation. The quest for a skincare regimen that would be gentle on sensitive skin but still deliver remarkable results became a mission. Countless hours were spent studying ingredients, consulting with experts, and conducting experiments.

The Birth of KueensLab
Through dedication and persistence, Dursa Teh discovered a unique blend of natural ingredients and formulations that not only calmed sensitive skin but also promoted its health and radiance. This breakthrough marked the birth of KueensLab.

Our Mission
KueensLab's mission is to empower individuals with sensitive skin to feel confident in their own skin. We understand the struggles of navigating skincare challenges, and our commitment is to provide products that are not only gentle but also highly effective.

Gentle Yet Effective
At KueensLab, we believe in the power of nature and science working harmoniously. Our products are carefully crafted with a blend of natural ingredients and cutting-edge science to provide gentle, nourishing, and effective skincare solutions. We have taken the lessons learned from Dursa Teh's personal journey to create a skincare line that understands and caters to the unique needs of sensitive skin.
Our story is a testament to the belief that even the most challenging personal experiences can lead to positive change and innovation. We are committed to helping you rediscover your skin's natural beauty and embrace the confidence that comes with it.
Join us on this journey to radiant and healthy skin, where gentle care meets exceptional results.


Why We Name

KueensLab is a name that embodies our core values and mission. 'Kueens,' a variant of 'queens,' signifies power, confidence, and beauty in women. Our goal is to empower every woman to discover her inner queen and embrace her natural beauty, which is why we drew inspiration from 'Kueens.'
The 'Lab' part signifies a laboratory, highlighting our commitment to developing products through scientific innovation. We continuously research, test, and refine our products to ensure they are effective, gentle, and natural.
Therefore, KueensLab represents our dedication to providing high-quality, natural, and gentle beauty products for every woman. We aim to help them unveil their inner queens and showcase their natural beauty.

KueensLab stands for

K stands for "Kindred":
Emphasizing our respect for the connection and resonance among women, recognizing them as a special community that supports and encourages each other.
U stands for "Unique":
Highlighting the uniqueness and individual beauty and qualities of every woman.
E stands for "Empowerment":
Focusing on empowering women with the power and confidence to express their inner and outer beauty.
E stands for "Excellence":
Signifying our commitment to excellence and high quality, ensuring we provide the finest skincare products.
N stands for "Natural":
Stressing the importance of natural ingredients and the beauty of nature, along with our dedication to environmental friendliness.
S stands for "Strength":
Underlining the strength and resilience of women, as they possess limitless potential in life.
L stands for "Luminous":
Emphasizing the radiance and beauty of the skin and the brightening effects of our products.
A stands for "Authenticity":
Encouraging women to be themselves and embrace their true selves, highlighting the importance of authenticity.
B stands for "Beauty":
Underscoring beauty and skincare as the core goal of our company's products.

These explanations convey the values and mission of your company, emphasizing the respect, uniqueness, empowerment, excellence, naturalness, strength, luminosity, authenticity, and beauty that KueensLab represents.

We empower women to embrace their inner beauty, strength, and confidence. Through science, nature, and exceptional skincare, we help each woman shine brilliantly in her unique journey

Dursa Teh

Founder "KueensLab"


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